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  • Theresa Fraser

Play Therapy Healing Tools

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Play Therapists the world over will admit that once they engage in play therapy training they are mesmerized by toys! Pam Dyson an esteemed colleague in Texas shares her ideas for an affordable play therapy kit. Pam posted this video when she practiced in a different state but her wisdom is still relevant.

Go Slow.....

You will find play therapy healing tools in many places. There are online Play Therapy web sites and when the NAFTA rules changed in 2018 it became possible for Canadians to order products from the United States and not have to pay additional duty up to $125 of product. However, you can find what you need at value stores, garage sales and sometimes our children's toy boxes ( when they have outgrown their toys of course). Your Play Therapy workshops at MPTI will share specific examples of the types of healing tools can be used with various clients.

Remember to keep receipts!

Receipts are important to keep when you file your yearly income tax.

Mobile Play Therapy kits

Mobile Play Therapy kits are covered in our Introduction to Play Therapy Workshop.

These are helpful for Play Therapists that work in schools or homes.

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