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The Boundary Project 

created by Dr. Eliana Gil and Jennifer Shaw. 

Length & Course of Treatment:

Assessment of Sexual Behavior Problems in Children (ASBPC) -

Treatment begins with a comprehensive and focused assessment with specific attention given to sexual development and sexual behaviors

Boundary Project involves 12 sessions with the child (outpatient setting), with caregiver involvement either toward the end of the session or in separate caregiver-only sessions.

Sessions are structured and formatted to provide the child with a sense of safety, responsibility, and empowerment.

 Goal of Treatment:

In participating in Boundary Project, a child can expect to:

Engage in emotional identification and recognize intensity of emotions

Read therapeutic stories and play therapeutic games to learn and understand cognitive-behavioral concepts

Create art or utilize sand tray to clarify and process difficult or traumatic experiences

Practice relaxation exercises to regulate mood

A parent can expect to:

Share in their child’s learning and growth in a way that fosters pride in the child and strengthens the parent-child relationship

Receive clear guidance about effective parenting approaches

Develop their own coping and self-care strategies, so that they can respond to their children with empathy and confidence

Experience a decrease in fear, worry, and doubt

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